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Food Supplements

With a view to attention to the beauty of the person and the constant search for an enhanced and active 360 ° cosmetics with an In&Out approach, Regard has also diversified into another sector that of food supplements.

Food supplements are not medicinal and do not replace a healthy and balanced diet, but they can be useful in some specific conditions to compensate for a lack of some essential nutrients or to assist a physiological process.

Another important application of food supplements is also found in the cosmetic field because by acting synergistically at a topical level with a dermocosmetic and at a systemic level with a supplement, the ability of the active ingredients to assist amplified results is favored.

Regard produces as a type of supplements: Syrups, Capsules and Tablets.

Syrups are solutions made up of sugar and water in decreasing proportions and are characterized by a sweet taste and high viscosity. They can contain granulated sugar (sucrose) or raw or white cane sugar at an optimal concentration of 65/67% w / w., For optimal long-term storage.

Capsules (or caps) are preparations for oral use with powder or mix of powders inside. Powders are the simplest and most natural form of taking drugs, and are obtained from the dry plant or part of a plant, by pulverization. The powder contains all the phytocomplex, which is the set of all substances having the active ingredients responsible for the specific action of the plant. The capsules are produced using a semi-automatic encapsulator. With this processing system, in addition to guaranteeing constant control over the various packaging phases, we do not need to resort to any excipient to insert them into the caps. All this takes place in protected rooms, where the operators never touch the raw materials directly and above all the air is constantly purified (with a filtration and conditioning system) of any residual particles that would otherwise be dispersed, polluting subsequent processing.

Tablets are solid preparations for oral use. The tablet is obtained by compacting a mixture of plant active ingredients from the plant or part of it in powder form with the addition of excipients, through tablet presses, until a solid form is obtained.