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Who we are

Regard S.r.l. was founded in 1986, when Dr. Mignani Silvano with competence and passion, and also with experience accumulated in companies in the sector, decided to create a structure conceived for the "production on behalf of third parties" service in the cosmetics sector.
The goal was to offer its customers a 360-degree production service: consultancy in the design and development of cosmetic products, assistance in technical-legal practices, product quality assurance.
Regard S.r.l. has achieved important objectives over the years:
- Production, packaging and labeling of cosmetic products, through cutting-edge technological machinery, of large but also small production batches.
- Development of an internal analysis laboratory that allows you to check all the raw materials used, the processing stages, as well as microbiological analyzes, in order to offer ever greater guarantees of quality and safety. Having reached a considerable size, our laboratory has allowed us to offer third-party analyzes for important cosmetic and food companies present in large-scale distribution.
- Production of plant-based food supplements such as: capsules, tablets and syrups.
- Production of Organic Cosmetics certified by the most important European Certification Bodies

Regard Cosmetici Bagnacavallo laboratorio cosmetici
Today Regard S.r.l. has acquired a strong personality, striving to be not only a supplier of products, but also of services.
In fact, it is our intention to take care not only of the product, but also of the legal, technological, analytical, graphic aspect; from the development of the project to its packaging, to leave the client with the purely commercial aspect he has chosen, continuing it together.